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    Tags: Big Butt Shots can be Fatal !, butt injection, butt shots, butt surgery, illegal silicone injection, suntik bokong bisa mematikan,   

    Fatal Big Butt Shots 



    TAMPA — Online forums have a way of bringing together people with unique interests. Like knitting, for instance. Or cosmetic butt injections.

    On a Topix.com forum dedicated to the quest for big, big butts, women look for “hookups” to get what they want: I need a booty asap, writes Needs Booty Bad from Brooklyn.

    There’s no talk of bun-busting exercises. In thousands of posts, women say the remedy is a shot — make that, dozens of them — with an illegal silicone solution to grow their bottoms to look like J-Lo’s, round and bubbly, or hip-hop model Buffie “the body” Carruth’s, which might be called epic.

    Buffie is to the butt what Pamela Anderson was once to the breast — a yardstick for “sexy,” out of reach for average women.

    In a 2005 MTV interview, rapper Ludacris said Jessica Simpson was flawless except for one thing: “I would get her a bunch of little butt shots.”

    Women are dying for that ideal.

    • • •

    Andrea Nicole Lee is 30, and she’s on dialysis at Town & Country Hospital. Her kidneys: damaged. Her lungs: damaged. Her butt — well, that’s not as important anymore.

    Lee and her friend Zakiya Thema Teagle, 33, researched butt injections online, and heard through word of mouth that a Thonotosassa woman gave them.

    Because the silicone solution is illegal to inject, the shots are often administered at private “pumping parties” by strangers who have no medical experience.

    Sharhonda Lindsay, 32, met the women at Lee’s home on Jan. 29, Hillsborough sheriff’s deputies say. Lee paid $500 for 40 shots. Teagle paid $250 for 20.

    After Lindsay left, the pain began. The women are still hospitalized with internal injuries. Teagle is stable; Lee is in serious condition.

    Lee’s mother, Doretha Belnavis, has no idea why her daughter agreed to such a procedure. “She’s a beautiful girl.”

    Belnavis tries not to ask her daughter too much about it — “it makes her sick to her stomach.” Her daughter is having nightmares. All Lee says is she’s sorry.

    Lindsay turned herself in to deputies Wednesday, after an arrest warrant was issued. Charged with two counts of practicing medicine without a license, she paid $5,000 bail and walked out of jail an hour later.

    Investigators are still trying to figure out what she injected into the two women.

    • • •

    It’s hard to quantify how many people are risking their lives for bigger butts. Those people are unlikely to report adverse reactions, says Siobhan DeLancey, spokeswoman for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    In 2001, a Miami woman died after silicone was illegally injected into her breasts and butt. And in 2006, University of Texas doctors studied 44 women and transgender men who suffered from pulmonary embolism resulting from injections in different body parts. A quarter died.

    “I see more disasters in the buttocks than in any other part of the body,” says Dr. Anthony Griffin, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon famous for his Brazilian butt lift.

    He administers anesthesia and injects liposuctioned fat between butt muscles. He says human fat contains collagen and stem cells that help the butt keep its shape.

    But his safer procedure costs $15,000 to $20,000. And he’ll only do it to women who have enough extra fat to inject into their butts.

    Doctors say women desperate for cheap filler are allowing people to inject them with unknown substances that could have been purchased from other countries or even at a hardware store.

    If injected haphazardly, the liquid can seep into the bloodstream and nerves.

    “I’m seeing all these patients with just ridiculous amounts of stuff injected that suddenly comes to the surface of the skin,” Griffin says. “One lady from Texas — I basically had to cut it out.”

    The horror stories aren’t sexy. The women on the forums read right past them. They talk of looking good in Apple Bottom jeans, designed by rapper Nelly.

    And they talk of Buffie, whose backside has graced covers of magazines titled Smooth and FlyGirl, and music videos of songs titled So Seductive and Oh Yes.

    “Being able to buy a new house, buy a new car — it’s all because of my butt,” Buffie said in an interview with the Times. “If I was on the other side of the fence, if I had seen another girl did all of this because she had a nice shape, nice booty … I would want a booty too.”

    Buffie knows all about the shots. Women in the Atlanta club where she used to dance got them, she said. None got sick.

    Still, she says it’s not worth it.

    “I know I wouldn’t have risked my life to be on the cover of a magazine,” she said.

    Buffie says that when women e-mail her every day for butt advice she urges exercise. But she doesn’t condemn legal plastic surgery, like butt implants.

    Her own butt? She insists it’s real.

    Her breasts, however …

    Alexandra Zayas can be reached at azayas@sptimes.com

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    Tags: injeksi silikon di bokong, memperbesar bokong, silicone butt injections, , Woman pleads guilty to illegal silicone butt injections   

    Woman pleads guilty to illegal silicone butt injections 



    TAMPA — Five months after two women were hospitalized with serious injuries from illegal silicone injections they thought would enhance their rear ends, Sharhonda Lindsay has admitted to giving the shots.

    In court Monday, Lindsay pleaded guilty to two counts of practicing medicine without a license and was sentenced to four years’ probation.

    Lindsay, 33, would have gambled with a maximum five-year prison sentence for each charge had the case gone to trial.

    Now, along with her probation, Lindsay will have to make restitution to her victims, Andrea Nicole Lee, 30, and Zakiya Thema Teagle, 34, who each spent three weeks at Town & Country Hospital with renal and liver failure.

    A prosecutor said Lindsay’s debt to her victims exceeds $500,000. Hillsborough Circuit Judge Ronald Ficarrotta will reserve judgment on restitution until a firm number is set.

    Assistant State Attorney Matthew Smith said one of the victims in this case sought out Lindsay for the illegal butt-enhancing procedure. Deputies said Lee paid $500 for 40 shots. Teagle paid $250 for 20.

    On Jan. 29, Lindsay administered the shots. Soon after, Teagle began vomiting and experiencing lower back pain. Someone called 911.

    Lindsay turned herself in to Hillsborough sheriff’s deputies on Feb. 11, after an arrest warrant was issued.

    On Monday, Smith said Lindsay’s two victims were in agreement with the plea deal. “Their only concern,” he said, “is that Ms. Lindsay doesn’t do this again.”

    As they both recover, and their story continues to be plastered on message boards across the Internet, women are still looking for hookups to up-size their backsides.

    Alexandra Zayas can be reached at azayas@sptimes.com

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    Tags: contoh model operasi plastik, Faces Created by the Most-Requested Celebrity Features, Is This The "Perfect Face"?, model wajah untuk operasi plastik, the ideal faces for men and women, wajah ideal perempuan, wajah paling diinginkan untuk operasi plastik, which celebrity features were the most requested in plastic surgeon   

    Is This The "Perfect Face"? 

    Faces Created by the Most-Requested Celebrity Features
    Faces Created by the Most-Requested Celebrity Features
    Meet the perfect man and woman: He’s got Leonardo DiCaprio’s nose, Matt Damon’s lips, John Stamos’s hair (“Full House” mullet not included), Daniel Craig’s blue eyes, and Christian Bale’s jawline.

    She’s got Angelina Jolie’s pillowy lips, Keira Knightley’s cheekbones, Katherine Heigl’s nose, Katie Holmes’s eyes, and Jessica Simpson’s long blonde hair.

    These “perfect” models were created by Star Magazine, who surveyed Beverly Hills plastic surgeons to find out which celebrity features were the most requested, then combined them into an images of what are meant to be the ideal faces for men and women.

    Our verdict? The “perfect” guy looks like Elvis, and the “perfect” gal is a bit too mouthy. But what do you think?(body-philosophy.net)

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    Tags: gagal operasi plastik di hidung, kegagalan operasi plastik hidung, Mexico's Plastic Surgery Nightmare, nose surgery disaster, nose surgery nightmare   

    Mexico's Plastic Surgery Nightmare 

    Consuelo Sanchez 

    Consuelo Sanchez

    New charges against a scam artist posing as a plastic surgeon – and mutilating dozens of women in the process with his shoddy work – has raised concerns about Mexico’s reputation as a destination for low-cost medical procedures.

    As the Houston Chronicle reports, 43 patients have filed legal complaints against Agustin Huerta, who performed disfiguring facelifts, liposuctions, and breast implants without a license. One patient, 41-year-old Gabriela Sanchez, had to have her breasts removed in order to undo the damage caused by an infection following an implant procedure performed by Huerta.

    “I can’t even look at myself in the mirror,” Sanchez says. “I can’t be with my husband.”

    Sanchez isn’t the only person in her family to allegedly suffer at the hands of Huerta; her mother, Consuelo, came to Huerto to have her nose lifted to aid breathing. The nose subsequently became infected, giving doctors no choice but to remove the entire bone.

    Disturbing cases like Huerta’s, as well as similar recent trials involving people posing as doctors and performing harmful procedures, have cast suspicions on the quality of the healthcare in Mexico, a country where American citizens have long been traveling to undergo affordable dental and cosmetic procedures.

    As The Chronicle notes, the lack of class-action lawsuits in Mexico give dissatisfied patients few options, while the U.S. Embassy warns that “facilities may lack access to sufficient emergency support.”

    Though Huerta faces eight years in jail and prosecutors are cracking down on fraudulent doctors, those tempted to save money by getting their elective procedures down south of the border should do substantial research to determine the surgeon’s qualifications.(body-philosophy.net)

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    Tags: addicted to plastic surgery, cacat permanen akibat operasi plastik, DIY Plastic Surgery, Hang Mioku victim of plastic surgery, kasus operasi plastik gagal, kecanduan operasi plastik, kegagalan operasi plastik, korban operasi plastik ilegal, operasi plastik di rumah, plastic surgery at home, plastics surgery victim, , wajah rusak akibat operasi plastik sendiri   

    DIY Plastic Surgery 


    Plastic surgery is all the rage these days making imperfections a thing of the past.

    But what happens when things go too far?

    We’ve seen many a-celebrity eff up their once beautiful images at the hands of plastic surgery. For example, as CC has previously discussed, Lisa Rinna has gone just a little too far. And let’s not forget, MJ. Michael Jackson was sooo cute as the youngest member of Jackson 5. Then his skin started changing color and his nose started getting smaller and pointier.

    But when us lowly civilians catch wind of the plastic surgery bug, some people take way too far.

    Enter, Hang Mioku. Who you ask? Allow me to explain.

    Hang is a 48-year-old Korean woman who had her first plastic surgery procedure at the age of 28. She’s been addicted ever since. So much so, in fact, that doctors have refused to perform surgery on her anymore. Her parents tried to get her to seek out help, but that didn’t work. Then Hang found a doctor who would help her . Not only did this doctor agree to inject her face with silicone, he supplied her with her own syringes and a batch of silicone. When Hang’s sili supply ran out…what else could she do but inject her face with cooking oil?

    This brilliant move left Hang so disfigured she is practically unrecognizable. (collegecandy.com)

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      Maka na ini pelajaran kalau mau operasi plastik harus cari dokter yang terpercaya~ ^^ klinik terpercaya yang bisa bikin puas hati pasien na dengan cara yang bener~ ^^

      Ur One Stop Medical Service
      Whatsapp / Line: +8210-3459-6371

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    Tags: Artis Jadi Korban Dokter Gadungan Keliling, artis korban dokter palsu suntik silikon, , , , , , dokter gadungan suntik silikon, , , , , , , , , , , , , memperbesar payudara dan memutihkan kulit wajah pasiennya, , perawatan kecantikan terhadap artis, , , , ,   

    Artis Jadi Korban Dokter Gadungan Keliling 

    Dengan peralatan seadanya, pelaku bisa memperbesar payudara dan memutihkan kulit wajah.
    Resep Dokter (doc Corbis)

    VIVAnews – Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan menangkap seorang pria yang menjadi dokter gadungan. Bahkan pelaku juga mengaku menangani sejumlah perawatan kecantikan terhadap artis.

    Dengan peralatan seadanya, pelaku bisa memperbesar payudara dan memutihkan kulit wajah pasiennya.

    Tersangka yang memiliki sifat lembut ini adalah Asmari. Dia dilaporkan salah satu pasienya yang tidak mengalami perubahan setelah menjalani perawatan kulit dengannya.

    “Ini hanya vitamin saja, buktikan kalau ada yang sakit boleh pukul saya. Artis aja ada yang datang” ujar Asmari, di Polres Jakarta Selatan, Jumat 19 Juni 2009.

    Namun, pelaku tidak mau mengatakan siapa artis yang pernah mejadi pasiennya itu.

    Setelah diperiksa polisi, pelaku yang ditangkap di kawasan Mampang Prapatan ini ternyata hanya lulusan SMP yang pernah mengikuti kursus kencantikan tujuh tahun lalu.

    Karena usaha salonnya bangkrut, Asmari kemudian menjadi dokter keliling mejadi ahliperawatan kecantikan keliling.

    Asmari biasanya mematok harga untuk jasa perawatan yang dilakukannya antara Rp 500 ribu hingga Rp 2,5 juta.

    Menurut Kepala Satuan Reskrim Polres Jakarta Selatan, Komisaris Subandi mengatakan, pelaku melanggar undang-undang kesehatan pasal 82 nomor 23 tahun 1992 dan pasal 78 undang-undang nomor 29 tahun 2004 tentang praktek kedokteran.

    Polisi juga menyita barang bukti 44 suntikan vitamin, jarum suntik, alkohol dan telepon genggam.

    Polisi hingga kini masih menyelidiki apakah vitamin maupun obat-obatan yang digunakan pelaku memiliki izin.

    • VIVAnews

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      Yang bego ya si korban atuhhhh, masa sih di era modern mau disuntik ama dokter keliling. jadi kalau mo diproses si korban jg harus di proses…kan ga ada korban lain2nya…jd dia mungkin punya motivasi lain u jeng mery…tul gak..pa pol jng dengerin tuh korban aja…cb selidiki lebih lanjut…oce …biar negri ini adil dan damai…

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    Tags: agnes korban suntik silikon, , , , , , , , , , , , , , kerugian akibat suntik silikon, korban dokter palsu suntik silikon, , , Korban Suntik Silikon Didera Teror, , , , , , , , , ,   

    Korban Suntik Silikon Didera Teror 

    Keluhan medis dialami sekitar dua tahun usai perawatan kecantikan dokter gadungan.

    VIVAnews – Agnes, 30, korban praktik dokter palsu, meminta perlindungan polisi. Ia mendapat sejumlah teror usai mengungkap kasus kriminal sang dokter kecantikan.

    “Saya lega setelah bertemu Pak Wakapolda,” kata Agnes di Markas Kepolisian Daerah Metro Jaya, Selasa 23 Juni 2009.

    Sejumlah teror masuk melalui pesan singkat di telepon genggam pribadi Agnes. Rangkaian ancaman itu membuat hidup Agnes dan keluarga tak tenang. Isi ancaman itu antara lain, “Tunggu saja pembalasan dari saya.”

    Peristiwa bermula sekitar tiga tahun lalu saat Agnes menjalani perawatan kecantikan dr Mery. Dokter yang menjalankan praktik dari rumah ke rumah itu menawarkan perawatan kecantikan dengan sistem paket.

    Selain mengonsumsi serangkaian obat kecantikan yang diproduksi sang dokter, Agnes juga menjalani suntik silikon.

    Keluhan kesehatan mulai muncul saat memasuki tahun kedua. Kulit wajahnya rusak memerah. Agnes tak sendiri, puluhan pasien lainnya juga menderita gangguan kulit serupa.

    Agnes kemudian mencecar legalitas sang dokter. Ternyata dokter kecantikan itu tak dapat menunjukkan surat-surat praktik.

    Agnes pun melaporkan dokter itu ke polisi atas tuduhan menjalankan praktik dokter palsu. Sekitar setahun lalu polisi kemudian menangkap sang dokter gadungan dan menyita sejumlah obat kecantikan yang diproduksinya.

    Atas perbuatan sembrono sang dokter, Agnes menderita kerugian materi sampai ratusan juta rupiah. “Saat ini semua obat-obatan masih dalam pemeriksaan Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan,” ujarnya.

    • VIVAnews

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    Tags: artis korban suntik silikon dokter palsu, Artis Pun Jadi Pasien Dokter Palsu, Artis Pun Jadi Pasien Dokter Palsu Penyuntik Silikon, artis suntik silikon, , , , , , Dokter Palsu Penyuntik Silikon, , , , , , , , kasus suntik silikon dokter palsu indonesia, , , , , malpraktek suntik silikon, , , , salon palsu suntik silikon, salon suntik silikon dicekal, , , , suntik kecantikan ilegal, , , , suntik silikon dicekal, suntik silikon ilegal, , suntik silikon palsu,   

    Artis Pun Jadi Pasien Dokter Palsu Penyuntik Silikon 

    Jakarta – Dokter palsu yang ditangkap oleh Polres Jakarta Selatan, memiliki banyak pelanggan. Selama 7 tahun berpraktek, Asmari (45) telah memiliki pasien berjumlah ratusan, di antaranya bahkan artis-artis ibukota.

    “Pasien saya banyak ada ratusan. Artis-artis juga pakai,” ujar Asmari saat digelandang di Polres Jakarta Selatan, Jl Wijaya II, Jakarta, Jumat (19/6/2009). Dokter palsu ini ditangkap polisi di Mampang siang tadi.

    Asmari mengaku membuka praktek suntik silikon sejak 2002. Lulusan Sekolah dasar (SD) ini tidak mempunyai tempat praktek tetap. Meluasnya layanan suntik silikon Asmari menyebar melalui informasi dari pasien yang satu ke pasien lainnya.

    Diakui Asmari, keahliannya menyuntik didapat saat bekerja di sebuah salon. Tapi salon tempatnya bekerja kemudian bangkrut pada tahun 2000. Alhasil, Asmari pun menekuni profesi sebagai dokter palsu khusus suntik silikon.

    “Tapi belum ada yang komplain. Belum ada yang infeksi dan rusak jaringan kulitnya, masa saya ditangkap. Kalau ada korbannya, sini tunjukkan,” tambah Asmari membela diri.

    Tertangkapnya pria yang mengaku sempat mengenyam pendidikan di bangku Sekolah menengah Pertama (SMP) ini bermula saat polisi menelusuri laporan salah satu pasien Asmari. Asmari ditangkap saat hendak  menyuntikkan silikon ke tubuh pasiennya di kawasan Mampang, Jakarta Pusat.(detiknews)

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    Tags: absorbed into the body, bahaya suntik silikon di rumah, botox, doctors warn about trying to inject any of these cosmetic fillers, efek suntik silikon tanpa pengawasan dokter, foto korban suntik silikon, korban suntik silikon di rumah, lips and left cheek are disfigured from silicone she self-injected, silicone and Restalyn are being used by everyone from Hollywood stars to your next door neighbor, silicone carries one of the biggest risks, silicone is permanent, suntik silikon di rumah, suntik silikon rumahan, wajah cacat akibat suntik silikon, wajah rusak akibat suntik silikon, Woman Disfigured From At-Home Silicone Injection   

    Woman Disfigured From At-Home Silicone Injection 

    Esme Murphy


    In a down economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut corners even when it comes to beauty. Products like Botox, silicone and Restalyn are being used by everyone from Hollywood stars to your next door neighbor.

    A black market has developed for some of these and other products. One Twin Cities mother decided to speak out about what happened to her after she tried to save money by injecting herself with silicone.

    “I really though that I was getting a bargain and I really didn’t do my homework like I should have,” said the woman who did not want to be identified.

    Her lips and left cheek are disfigured from silicone she self-injected. She was trying to make her upper lip fuller and fill acne scars.

    A year and a half ago, another doctor had given her silicone injections. That treatment went well but it wasn’t cheap. It was $2700 for a series of three treatment.

    So she turned to the Internet and found a site advertising silicone for $10.

    The site clearly says the product is to be used externally as a personal lubricant. She thought because it was 100 percent silicone she could inject it. She bought the syringes at a local pharmacy.

    “Initially I thought I did a good job,” she said.

    However, within a day her lips and cheek were disfigured.

    “Its very frightening, its very embarrassing having to be in public,” she said.

    The doctor who is helping her, Dr. Edward Szachowicz, fears in this weak economy more and more patients may try to do their own injections. At his office the price of injectable fillers ranges from $250 to $800. The products last anywhere from four months to up to 18 months.

    “I believe that what happened to our patient is a sign of the times,” said Szachowicz.

    Szachowicz said patients are turning to the Internet, especially overseas sites.

    “They are actually getting product in their hands that wasn’t previously available,” he said.

    Now this Twin Cities mother will be going to California to consult with a plastic surgeon. She faces thousands of dollars in medical bills.

    “I feel that some of it can be fixed. I don’t know how much,” she said.

    Now she wants to warn others.

    “Don’t do it,” she said. “You don’t know what you are getting especially if you’re buying these products off the Internet.”

    While doctors warn about trying to inject any of these cosmetic fillers, silicone carries one of the biggest risks because, unlike Botox and collagen, which eventually are absorbed into the body, silicone is permanent. (wcco.com)

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    Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , Payudara Membusuk akibat Injeksi Kolagen, payudara membusuk akibat suntikan ahli kecantikan, , , ,   

    Payudara Membusuk akibat Injeksi Kolagen 



    Ingin penampilan tubuh dan wajah menjadi lebih cantik dan tampan, beberapa warga Singapura justru mendapat bencana. Muncul bisul bernanah di tubuh mereka yang dipermak. Tapi beberapa pekerja seks di Batam mengaku tidak mengalami efek samping.

    FEBI (27), seorang pekerja seks di kawasan bisnis Nagoya, mengaku tidak ada masalah setelah memperoleh treatment berupa injeksi botox dan Intense Pulse Light (IPL) pada bibir dan dagunya. Kini dia memiliki bibir yang sexy seperti milik aktris Hollywood Angelina Jolie. Dagunya pun menjadi lancip seperti punya artis Paramitha Rusadi. Febi mengaku semakin laris karena penampilan barunya yang lebih menawan.

    Febi mengaku banyak pekerja seks di Batam melakukan hal serupa karena memang mereka ingin tampil lebih cantik terkait profesi mereka. “Saya tahu beberapa perempuan yang melakukan botox pada wajah mereka,”ujar Febi kepada wartawan koran Singapura, The Strait Times.

    Mereka melakukan itu karena treatment botox manjur untuk menghilangkan kerutan-kerutan di wajah. Sehingga wajah mereka menjadi lebih kencang dan segar.

    Tapi kondisi berbeda dialami sejumlah warga negara Singapura yang melakukan treatment serupa di Batam. Dua perempuan dan seorang laki-laki WN Singapura menyesal setelah bagian tubuhnya dipermak oleh “ahli kecantikan” di Batam.

    Mereka mengira bahan yang disuntikan ke tubuh mereka merupakan zat yang aman dan bisa mempercantik penampilan. Mereka mengaku sang ‘ahli’ menginjeksi collagen dan sejenis hormon ke payudara. Hasilnya, ternyata bencana yang diperoleh. Dua perempuan itu mengaku payudara mereka membengkak, tampak seperti bisul dan mengeluarkan darah.

    Seorang pria juga datang ke klinik yang sama untuk mempermak dagunya serta mencetak lesung pipi agar mirip seperti John Travolta. Yang dia dapat
    justru bengkak permanen yang sangat jelek pada dagunya.

    Ada sebuah aestetic clinic di kawasan Tiban, Batam, yang biasa melayani orang-orang dari Singapura. Klinik inilah yang diduga melakukan praktik ilegal. Seorang korban bernama Asmah (nama samaran), kini harus menderita setelah menerima treatment dari ahli kecantikan bernama Nora Bima di Tiban, sejak tahun 2006 silam. Dia mengaku menerima lebih dari 50 injeksi ke tubuhnya dan menghabiskan uang sekitar 4.000 dolar Singapura.

    Juli tahun lalu, Asmah merasakan sakit luar biasa di bagian payudara sebelah kanannya yang menerima suntikan hormon. Payudaranya membengkak dan pecah mengeluarkan darah. Akhirnya ia memutuskan melakukan operasi di sebuah rumah sakit di Singapura untuk mengobati bisul pada payudaranya. Asmah menduga bahwa bahan yang disuntikkan si ahli kencantikan itu bukanlah murni collagen tetapi telah dicampurkan dengan bahan lainnya.

    Kondisi serupa dialami Lyn, warga Singapura lainnya. Setelah mendapat injeksi silikon, payudaranya membengkak dan bernanah serta mengeluarkan darah. Dia juga berniat merampingkan pinggang dan mengencangkan wajah dengan silikon dan botox. Dia sudah menghabiskan 2.000 sin dolar, tapi tidak ada perubahan apa-apa. Wajahnya malah semakin memburuk dan membengkak. “Saya hendak mempercantik diri tetapi justru penyesalan yang saya dapatkan,”keluh Lyn.

    Dr Martin Huang, direktur dan konsultan operasi plastik di Cosmetic Surgery Clinic di Singapura mengatakan, orang Singapura ke Batam untuk mempercantik diri karena jauh lebih murah dibandingkan di Singapura. Sebab biaya menjalankan bisnis di Batam memang jauh lebih murah.

    Namun dia mengingatkan agar warga Singapura memerhatikan keahlian dari dokter yang merawat mereka. Apakah benar-benar ahli atau tidak. Karena kesalahan dalam perawatan akan sangat berbahaya bagi pasien.

    “Saya tidak mengatakan mereka menggunakan produk dengan kualitas yang lebih rendah. Tetapi ada beberapa pertanyaan yang harus mereka tanyakan,” katanya.( The Strait Times)

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