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At first I made this blog to evoke awareness of women to beauty issue and its industry. The beauty industry is worth very much in line with access to the media that created the ‘snow white -like images’ on women in almost all the world. The beauty industry is very profitable on the one hand (of course employers) and many casualties on the side of consumers.

After a few months I run this blog, I noticed that the awareness of women to health issues associated with the beauty already starts to increase. Women are more critical to choose the beauty products from the legal side, the function and its effect on health. But not a few women also still looking for ways to be pretty instantly by injecting silicone, whitening injection, instant bleaching, etc..

Apart from the two opposites polar above – women are still not able to stop imagining to be a beautiful princess and an idol of all men. Really?

These are the most wanted list in this blog for 2-3 months :

w-ii navores 212
w ii navores 186
navores 155
navores whitening cream 111
wii navores 78
pemutih ketiak 77
kosmetik beracun 74
bedah vagina 60
w-11 navores 59
operasi plastik 57
kosmetik berbahaya 55
lipstik berbahaya 50
mascara berbahaya 50
krim malam 49
pencemaran pestisida 48
kosmetik 43
plastic surgery disasters 39
ponds berbahaya 38
too much makeup 35
operasi plastik michael jackson 32
krim malam yang bagus 29
kantung mata 29
navores whitening 29
kosmetik palsu 29
pubic 28
worst cosmetics 27

(not all included, since too long …)

Skin whitening issue is still a top search since this blog published . No wonder skin whitening business worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the world.

Although it never happened that a woman was succeeded whiten her skin in a healthy and permanent way because of using a particular whitening product, whitening products is still a best seller on the beauty market.

I think the issue of skin whitening is not about a beauty issue but regarding cultural issues and Body Image. It’s about how a woman imaging herself. If one think brown skin is beautiful, she do not need to waste money to buy skin bleaching right?

Wise Quote :

Ladies, You are fearfully and wonderfully made. For you are my treasured possession. (From God Almighty 🙂 )

I praise Thee because my creation is powerful and fantastic; miraculous what You make, and my soul really noticed it.