Anger Philosophy

Bahasa Indonesia

According to research conducted by the University of Toronto, the group of people that most often controlled by anger are: young children, small children and those who less educated. Economic pressures, pressures of time and conflicts with co-workers are 3 things that trigger the anger of people under the age of 30 years.

This is a social portrait of angry of U.S residents . What about in Indonesia? We are just shocked by the news of the ‘trial fart’ on television, a man hurt his neighbor because of farting and this case eventually ended up in court. Police officers who nailed the feet and hands of a young man in Gorontalo but recently this young man known as a tragic victim of misunderstood. A father who could run over his baby feet on the railroad tracks because of anger at his wife. A member of the House of Representatives (DPR) with a famous lawyer who almost fist fights in one of the television show arguing about Kpk case. Not to mention the old story about the chaotic DPR members in the courtroom.

It seems the anger swept this country in almost all social groups, sometimes the trigger is no longer the economic problems, time pressures or conflicts with coworkers as in the U.S.

As a woman, we are often angry at our  hair stylist when  we got too ‘short’ haircut, or too ‘thin’ haircut, or the layer is less tidy, or the highlight is not visible, etc.. In fact, because we choose the wrong color of lipstick we can have a bad mood all day.

In addition to 3 factors above , in my opinion, why people excessively angry is that because we do not understand.

The Police: He did not need wisdom and understanding to perform physical violence against someone.

A father who could crush his baby foot in anger  did not understand, did not know and did not realize who he is. The man who understands who he is, will understand how to treat others. A Great Teacher once said: do unto others what you want others do to you. Conversely, do not do to others what you do not want others do to you.

The members of House of Representatives who have chaotic behaviour did not understand that their position / profession have a moral and ethics responsibility to the public so that their behaviour are not honorable.

A woman who nag for weeks because her haircut is too short or the wrong pick of lipstick color, did not to understand that her future is not determined solely by the length of our hair or our lipstick colors.

Wise Quote :

“A man is upstanding if he was away from contention, but a fool is a man who let his anger exploded. Because patience prevents many big mistakes.”